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HHA Tightening and Lifting Mask!Brand New! - Your Skin Care Clinic

HHA Tightening and Lifting Mask - Amazing Result!


HHA Tightening and Lifting Mask exquisitely Shaped by Lines.

This brand new technology face V shaping mask rejuvenate Your Skin at the Very Moment Opening Up an Unprecedented Miracle of Rejuvenation.

Lifting Spray Essence to Sculpt Outlined Shape Anti-gravity Ear Loop Made of Membrane Cloth to Sculpt Charming V-shaped Face. Aiming at Different Areas.

From Point to Surface, Wrap Up and Lift Thoroughly Form Skin Memory and Lift Face Outline.

Scientific Formula for Lifting and Sculpting, and Solving 8 Skin Problems

  • Firm the Lower Jaw Line
  • Get a Small V-shaped Face
  • Plump the Cheek Bones
  • Make You Look Younger
  • Firm Face Outline
  • Smooth Nasolabial Folds
  • Fade the Wrinkles Around the Mouth 
  • Alleviate Double Chin Problems


Anti-gravity - Against Time and Gravity

- Lifting to Witness Your Curve Up

- Firming for Sculpting 3D Outline

      * Lifting and Firming

      * Perfect Face Shape

      * Reduce Swelling

      * Supplement Collagen

      * V-shaped Curve Up


High elasticity:

3D High Elastic Fiber Membrane

High time release performance:

3D Lifting to Resist Gravity

Supported by Advanced Gel Technology to Reshape the Youthful Texture of the Face

The membrane cloth features softness, hydrating and elastic and high restorability.

It can quickly return to the original state even after continuous stretching with functions of firming and lifting skin.

The membrane cloth, with hydro-gel colloid and water retention features is skin friendly. It can deeply lock essence activity, infiltrating into the skin gradually to the skin base.

Perfect fit:

The membrane cloth is 3D cutting, perfectly fit with face curves, focusing on lifting face outline.

High air permeability:

The membrane cloth features high quality fiber, special technology, double-layer design to make your skin feel free and comfortable even after long time use.


Rejuvenating Your Skin in 28 Days

Erase the Trace of Time and Get V-Shaped Face Back


20-60 minutes:  wonderful experience of face lifting

7 days:  get V-shaped face back again, and the skin will be fine, elastic and hydrating

14 days:  the face will be more outlined and exquisite

28 days: enchanting, outlined and exquisite V-shaped face

* Different individuals will have different actual effect after use.

Method of Usage:

After cleansing, get the spray essence ready, keep it 15-20cm away from the skin, press and spray on the cheek evenly.

Open the membrane cloth pack- aging, tear down the pearly membrane, make the gel surface toward the face, hold the ear loops at both ends of the mem- brane cloth by two hands, take the oval hole as the benchmark, keep your mouth out, stretch to both ends of the cheek, gently apply it to the face, hang it behind the ears, and adjust until you feel comfortable.

Relax and keep it for 20-60 minutes. After taking off the membrane, you don't need to wash it off. Give yourself a massage until the essence is absorbed.

After daily cleansing, if you have no time to use it, you can also independently use spray essence to keep your skin firming.


- Anti-aging ingredients:

Bifida Ferment Lysate: 

Beauties of upper class call it "the Golden Element for Beauty Products". It is
also famous for being a "Luxury". with the function of directly targeting the
root cause of cell problems, reinforcing skin foundation and preventing light
aging to delay skin aging process.


It is a raw material from Japan, an ingredient as precious as diamond. It is a
Nobel Prize winning element in 1996, known as "cleaner of free radicals" with
the function of antioxidant, skin repairing, skin refreshing, skin brightening,
skin firming and delayed skin-aging.

- Antioxidant ingredients:


It is regarded as the "Star of Life" and grows in high altitude area with
strong antioxidant activity that can promote repairing effect and
reinforce skin foundation.

Myrothamnus Flabellifolia Leaf Stem:

It is a raw material from Germany, an amazing plant from South Africa. It can revive by water with strong hydrating and moisturizing effect to delay aging process. Therefore, it is also called the "Undead Grass".

- Anti-wrinkle ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid Peptide:

It is a raw material from Netherlands with the function of firming face outline, generating hyaluronic acid and reinforce skin firming.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5:

It is a raw material from Netherlands with the function of stimulating the generation of collagen protein and making skin elastic, hydrating and delicate.


It is a raw material from Netherlands with the function of reducing dynamic wrinkles, inhibiting muscle contraction and smoothing face expression lines.


It is a raw material from Switzerland with the function of promoting muscle
relaxing and skin rejuvenation.



Q: Target user of the Tightening And Lifting Mask?

A: It is suitable for adults of all ages. It gives better experience for users with skin problems, such as face sagging, fatigue skin, double chin, baby fat face, face wrinkle, rough skin, dull skin and aging skin, etc.

Q: Can I use the Tightening And Lifting Mask?

A: Yes, absolutely. The Tightening And Lifting Mask adopts advanced gel technology with multiple rejuvenating essence, specially designed for users who need to lift, firm face outline, restore skin elasticity and those who want to have exquisite V-shaped face. You will get a better sculpting effect after continuous use.

Q: When using the Tightening And Lifting Mask, how long should I keep it on my face?

A: Every time you use the Tightening And Lifting Mask, 20-60 minutes is the best. Do not keep it on the face for more than 8 hours. To avoid wrinkles, do not pull hard, take it off carefully; after taking it off, massage the remaining essence with your middle finger and ring finger to enhance its effect.

Q: What should I do if I don't feel comfortable with my ears when using the Tightening And Lifting Mask?

A: Please make sure that the front membrane cloth is fully stretched. The Tightening And Lifting Mask adopts 3D high elastic fiber membrane which can fit different face shapes after being fully stretched. You won’t feel obvious discomfort with the ears. If you feel uncomfortable with your ears, please take it off and stretch the membrane cloth until you feel comfortable. In addition, if you are more sensitive to the physical pull caused by the stress on the ears, you can put a cotton pad behind your ears to alleviate the discomfort.

Q: What if the Tightening And Lifting Mask is too cold in winter?

A: You can put the membrane cloth in about 50 °C warm water for 3-5 minutes. It will become warm and its ingredients will not be destroyed by high temperature. In summer, you can also put it into the refrigerator for 3-5 minutes before use to enhance the application experience.

Q: Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

A: The Tightening And Lifting Mask's essence and membrane fabric have got through the tests by professional authorities. Generally, it won't cause allergies. However, due to individual differences in skin, users with sensitive skin can try the essences and the mask cloth behind their ears before using it.


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