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What People Are Saying---
Here are some testimonials from some of our satisfied customers:


"I have used many professional skin care products over the past decade & Oxygen Botanicals products far surpassed my initial expectation.... Many Day Creams leave the face feeling greasy & looking shiny but Oxygen Botanicals' Day Cream (for combination to oily skin) gave me the perfect balance of moisture & suppleness, particularly in summer.... The Super Hydrating Cream enhanced my skin's moisture instantly making it feel hydrated & supple without having to carry a blotting wipe with me in my purse!" 

-- Krista
Ladd, Ontario, Canada

Since using Oxygen Botanicals Skin Care Products, my skin has become very well hydrated and has a very fresh and youthful appearance. All of the products work extremely well together and have produced great results!! My weekly gommage and hydrating mask regime has added to my skin feeling very smooth and supple. I am thoroughly enjoying the results of all of the Oxygen products that I use for my skin type !!"

-- Anne
Gowan, Toronto, Canada
Age 45, using Oxygen products for the past 18 months

"I have been using the Oxygen Botanicals and Adeeva products for the past 4 years and have found them to be very beneficial for my skin. I have used the following products from Oxygen Botanicals: Cleanser, Gel Toner, Wrinkle SerumSuper Hydrating Cream and Sunscreen. every week I use Hydrating Mask for added tone and hydration. For Adeeva product, I have used the Moisturizing spray and Moisturizing Serum, spray helps set your make-up and is very refreshing and replenishing when used during the day, Moisturizing Serum helps to minimize the wrinkles. Use of all of the above on a simple daily routine give my skin great tone and texture that I require and recommend these products to anyone looking for a simple, effective and reasonably priced products.

-- Diane Newlove, Toronto,

"My name is Sherrie. I am using the following products: Aloe Milk Cleanser, Aloe Mist Toner, Aloe Exfoliant Glycolic Gel 5%, Hydrant Essence and SunDefense Moisturizer 15. I have noticed a visible difference in my skin, a smoothness of texture around the eye area and along the jaw line. I have had comments on how much smaller my pores are now. My makeup looks cleaner, smoother and blends better. So far these products are very impressive.

-- Sherrie
C., B.C., Canada

It has been four months since I started using Nancy K. Brown Body Sculpting Creme for cellulite, I have gotten the results I was looking for, I also found that it has a very interesting and pleasant "side effect". As the cellulite started to diminish, so did STRETCH MARKS. This is something that I was not looking for, but needless to say I am very, very happy about it. The skin in the areas where I used the creme look smooth, no bumps, and no stretch marks."

-- Marie
Ruiz, esthetician, B.C., Canada

I would like to say that I find the Aloe Hydrant Essence from Nanacy K. Brown very effective. As well as for facial use, I tried it on a persistent rash on my ankle and it helped relief the redness and itching. The professional application of the Essence has greatly improved the smoothness of my skin, especially my 'T' zone which had large pores. I will continue to use them. Many thanks from a happy user!!"

-- Maria R.,
Quebec, Canada

I was introduced to the Nancy K. Brown products by my mother. My mother wanted me to try these products, especially the Hand & Body Lotion, as I suffer from dry skin on the elbows and my duaghter has severe excema on her hands. This product has been wonderful for us and you are not left with a greasy feeling. I have also used the Nancy K. Brown products for my face with great results. I have the typical T-zone and suffer from combination skin. My main concern was blackheads. I found that after using these products for three weeks my complexion has improved (no more blackheads). I have tried everything on the market regarding this problem and have achieved the best results with your products. I will definitely be purchasing them in the future and recommend them to friends and family."

-- Terrie
S., B.C., Canada

Hello my name is Sheila. Before I became familiar with this product I was using Mary K. - this product was not bad but I still broke out and suffered from oily skin. After using the Nancy K. Brown for two weeks I have noticed a tremendous difference. My face has lost a lot of the oil and it feels clean all day. I don't have major acne but the blemishes I did have cleared up quickly. My face feels great and I receive many compliments on the change. I would recommend this product to anyone with or without skin problems."

-- Sheila,
B.C., Canada

I wish to thank you for introducing me to your products several years ago. I have been extremely happy with the routine of N.K.B. products you advised me to use. I have sensitive skin and tried many products over twenty years, with breakouts galore. Now using N.K.B. products I feel good about my skin and my appearance. I never miss a day with 10% Aloe Exfoliant, Mist toner, Hydrant Essence and of course 30+ sunblock. Every three weeks a treat, 30% exfoliant and a relaxing Biogenic Energizing Mask - wonderful!"

-- Lisa,
B.C., Canada

I am fourteen years old. I live in British Columbia, Canada. I was suffering from chronic 3rd and 4th degree acne which covered my entire face along with scaring. I was introduced to the Nancy K. Brown Skin Care Line by my aunt, who was concerned about my emotional and state and physical appearance. She knew that these products could do miracles for me. I initially started off with a facial in the salon and took home the Introductory Skin Pack for Oily/Acne Prone Skin, which lasted me three weeks. In that time I came back for my second facial and my first 30% peel. During this short time, not only has my acne almost completely disappeared, but so has a great deal of the scarring. I will continue using the Nancy K. Brown skin care line. I would recommend this to anyone suffering from acne."

-- T. J.,
B.C., Canada

I recently had quite a sunburn on my back and shoulders. My shoulders started to blister so my wife applied the All Purpose Creme. The next morning there was very little, if any blistering. It was quick and effective and we were amazed at the speed and healing power of the cream."

-- Bud O.,
B.C., Canada

Nancy K. Brown has the best Hand & Body Lotion I have ever used. My esthetician introduced me to this product and again I say it is simply the best for excema, dry skin. It is non-greasy and penetrates deeply into the tissue and the dry skin simply rolls off."

-- Susan P.,
Alberta, Canada

Ever since being turned onto Nancy K. Brown skin care line my skin has never looked and felt so healthy. This product is truly amazing."

-- Mike B.,
B.C., Canada

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