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SJYM Health and Beauty products

SJYM company has 8 products to choose from:Share Plum, HHA Royal Jelly Paper, Meal Replacement Jelly, HHA Deep Moisturising Mask, HHA Bio-Brightening Mask, HHA Moisturizing and Brightening Eye Mask, HHA Firming and Repairing Eye Mask,  HHA Tightening and Lifting Mask. they are all very popular and effective!

We are SJYM Company's global distributor, we can ship worldwide, if you want ship to outside of North America or want to place a large order, please e-mail us at, we will provide you with wholesale prices, we can ship to all countries, and we are also looking for business partners worldwide, training will be provided at your request.

If you purchase any 20 boxes of SJYM company's products in one transaction, you will enjoy wholesale price by saving $200 Canadian Dollars. You can even mix different SJYM products in one order (except Meal Replacement Jelly & HHA Tightening and Lifting Mask) to reach 20 boxes, because they are the same price. In this case, simply place an order of 20 boxes on any SJYM product (except Jelly meal replacement & HHA Tightening and Lifting Mask), and make a note before check out letting us know how many boxes of the other products you would like to purchase, or you can email us right after you place the order.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Please note: Due to recent inquiries regarding Share Plum (Suibianguo)'s eating methods, we will only provide further instructions and advice to customers who have purchased directly from us. Because there are lot fake Share Plum (Suibianguo) on the market, we don't know the source you purchased from, and we can't provide suggestions if you are not one of our customers. Different body conditions will yield different results depending on how you eat the Share Plums.  Please consult with your sales person for more information.