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Nancy K. Brown Massage Elixir - 100% organic Jojoba (for Body, Hand, Foot and Facial Massage) - Your Skin Care Clinic

Nancy K. Brown Massage Elixir - 100% organic Jojoba (for Body, Hand, Foot and Facial Massage)


This unique massage Elixir, made with 100% pure Organic Jojoba, offers Skin Care, Massage and Aromatherapy Professionals a superior therapeutic 'oil' for face and body massage, with excellent slip.

Unlike traditional massage oils, Elixir is:

* skin compatible - no allergic reactions or sensitization (non-comedogenic and non-allergenic)
* will not clog pores
* will not aggrevate oily conditions
* Jojoba is actually not an oil, it is a liquid wax
* stable - will not go rancid or stale (will not oxidize)
* odorless - fragrance free - excellent carrier for essential oil therapies
* colorless
* will not stain skin or clothes
* rich in natural vitamin E (a powerful anti-oxidant)
* a little goes a long way - you only need drops per massage treatment
*excellent for use on face, body, hands and feet


WHEN TO USE: use year-round to help stimulate circulation and a general sense of well-being 

general massage: in clean hands place a small amount (mere drops) of massage Elixir, warm to body temperature, proceed with massage, add more as needed. (see note below)
aromatherapy enhanced massage: place desired amount of Elixir in mixing container, add essential oil, stir to mix - place small amount of mixed Elixir in hands, warm to body temperature, proceed with massage. (see note below)

skin types:
Sensitive, Aging / Mature, Mature, Acne Prone / Acneic, Combination, Normal, Fragile, Oily, Dry


120ml / 4 oz. fl. US


100% pure Jojoba - natural, organic, virgin press (first press).

please note: always clean the skin of the area to be massaged prior to doing the massage. This enhances the effectiveness of the massage, the absorption of the beneficial ingredients and prevents dirt from being drawn into the skin.

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