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SJYM Meal Replacement (10 boxes x 7 bags)


We are SJYM Meal Replacement Jelly's global distributor, we can ship worldwide, if you want ship to outside of North America or want to place an large order, please E-mail us at, we will provide you with better price, we can ship to all countries, and we are also looking for business partners worldwide, training will be provided.


 SJYM Meal Replacement, a perfect unity to achieve "satiety", "delicacy", "convenience" and "nutrition", promotes the body's dietary balance based on scientific and rigorous quantitative data.

It is increasingly popular with consumers, setting off a brand-new trend of "action" in weight management.

Size: 840 g (120 g x 7)


  1. Provides Important Nutrients
  2. Supports Weight Management
  3. Helps Avoid Unhealthy Alternatives
  4. Promotes Healthy Portion Sizes
  5. Manages Blood Sugar Levels


- Stachyose: a nutrient source for the beneficial bacteria in intestines

- Noni: anti-oxidant magician

- Chia seeds: the almighty in the dietary fiber industry

- Pueraria powder: "Asian ginseng" with excellent efficacy

- Barley leaf powder: a star to keep natural slim

- Xylooligosaccharide: the super guardian to defend intestinal health

* SJYM Meal Replacement jelly never adds sibutramine, fenfenramine and other prohibited ingredients.

* The above description only serves as the ingredient knowledge, and does not indicates the product efficacy.

This is Canadian retail price, if you order more than 20 boxes or if you are out side of Canada, please contact us through E-mail:, we will provide you with better  wholesale price.


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