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Dr. Schrammek Sensiderm SOS Balm - Your Skin Care Clinic

Dr. Schrammek Sensiderm SOS Balm


Dr. Schrammek Sensiderm SOS Balm helps soothe the skin from any irritation. Calming and soothing skin will be stabilized with no redness or tightness. With its anti-inflammatory properties, the skin will continue to stay protected and hydrated with use.

This cooling balm calms the skin immediately and forms a protective layer around the skin. This SOS Balm is great for any skin but works wonders on sensitive skin and skin that suffers from irritation and redness. Infused with a barrier this balm will help keep skin protected from UV stress and damage.

Features / Benefits:
• Hydrating and moisturizing.
• Stops irritation and redness.
• Protects the skin from UV damage.
• Contains anti-inflammatory properties.
• Calms and soothes skin.

Beauty-Tip: Use as first-aid skin care for redness, stress symptoms, and itching. Thanks to its “Active breathing”, the light formula: the SENSIDERM SOS BALM is the perfect alternative for daily care for normal to slightly dry skin if SENSIDERM STRESS PROTECT CREAM is too rich.


Skin TypesBest For Sensitive / Hyperpigmentation Skin Types.

Size: 40 ml / 1.35 oz

How To Use:
• Apply when needed to stop redness and irritation.

Key Ingredients:
• Defensil-Plus - Stops inflammation.
• Antileukine 6 - Protects skin from UV damage and stops inflammation.
• Lipex PreAct - Soothes, moisturizes and protects the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties.
• Centella Asiatica - Promotes skin cell growth.
• Evening Primrose Oil - Prevents moisture lost and tightness in skin.

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