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Dr. Schrammek Purifying Vital Balm - Your Skin Care Clinic

Dr. Schrammek Purifying Vital Balm


Dr. Schrammek Purifying Vital Balm works to balance sebum production to keep acne-causing bacteria away. It also has the ability to reverse the effects of aging, removing fine lines and wrinkles. Say goodbye to pores, this balm works to shrink pores giving skin a smooth, even complexion.

Schrammek Purifying Vital Balm is great for those with oily, mature skin that want to stop acne-causing bacteria and restore skin to a youthful glow. Containing no parabens, dyes or mineral oils this balm is great for any skin. It will strengthen and restore elasticity to the skin giving it a clear complexion.

Features / Benefits:
• Keeps acne-causing bacteria away.
• Stops effects of aging, restoring elastin.
• Shrinks pores.
• Skin has a smooth, even complexion.
• Balances sebum production.

How To Use:
• Apply to face daily.

Skin TypesBest For Oily Skin Types.

Size: 40 ml

Key Ingredients:
• Epidermist - Refines pores to smooth out the skin.
• Normaseb™ - Will control the amount of sebum produced.
• Microsilver - Reduces inflammation and prevents the formation of acne-causing bacteria.
• Resveratrol - Activates anti-aging enzymes and reverses the aging process.

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