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Adëeva Chole Forte


Proven Natural Ingredients to Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Size120 Capsules

  • Do you have high cholesterol or triglycerides?

If you answered "YES" then you should consider taking Adeeva's Chole Forte.

Here's Why:

  • Chole Forte contains two natural agents that are proven to lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides in human clinical trials. These natural agents include Gugulipid and Artichoke Leaf Extract.
  • Human clinical trials demonstrate that Gugulipid and Artichoke Leaf Extract can lower cholesterol up to 27% and triglycerides up to 30%. These are very significant reductions, which are comparable to the benefits of many cholesterol and triglyceride-lowering drugs
  • Gum Guggul or Gugulipid is derived from the mukul myrrh tree, which contains the active constituent guggulsterones that account for its cholesterol and triglyceride lowering effects. Gugulipid was granted approval in India for marketing as a cholesterol and trigylceride-lowering drug in June 1986, due to its impressive efficacy and safety.
  • Artichoke Leaf Extract contains active constituents that help flush cholesterol out of the body via the fecal route. It increases the flow of cholesterol (and bile, which is a building block of cholesterol) from the liver to the intestinal tract
  • Gum Gugulipid and Artichoke Leaf Extract do not cause liver, muscle or kidney damage, making CholesterEx a very effective and SAFE way to help lower cholesterol and triglycerides levels, naturally.


Active Ingredients:

Amounts for 1 capsule, 120 per bottle

- Gum Guggul (Gugulipid) - std to 2.5% guggulsterone content 500 mg
- Artichoke Leaf Extract - std to 13-18% caffeoylquinic acid 200 mg


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