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Share Plum (Suibianguo) 20 boxes to Hong Kong - Your Skin Care Clinic

Share Plum (Suibianguo) 20 boxes to Hong Kong


20 boxes of Share Plums ship to Hong Kong.

Shipping fee included.

(This is our VIP customer's wholesale price)


Share plum is 100% natural, no additives, no side effects. It helps to clean blood, relieves constipation (resulting in healthy bowel movements) , reduce pimples (or acne) and freckles, promote detoxification, reduce fat and control weight, slimming tummy, and fine tune endocrine.

Share plum (Suibianguo) is suitable for both men and women and children. 

Share plum is also exported over 128 countries.

Sijiyoumei Company already have all the product patents, inspection reports, certificates and licences in all countries.

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