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Golden Vision Eye Patch


Golden Vision Eye Patch - Better Eyes After Just One Use

Golden Vision Eye Patches uses the latest TCM technology with 36 types of the highest quality of herbal extracts, allowing extracts to penetrate through the thinnest layer of skin on our face, to soothe our eyes' meridian system, just like an eye spa while providing essential supplements and vitamins to our eyes.

Golden Vision Eye Patches are suitable for anyone who values preserving their eye health; this product is for everyone and is not limited to those with diagnosed eye conditions. Just apply for 15-20 minutes and you can feel the difference immediately. These eye patches are infused with natural Chinese medicine to enhance vision and rid of tired eyes after as little as one use. Golden Vision Eye Patches are perfect for anyone with these symptoms:

  1. Tired, dried. and/or aching eyes 
  2. Decreased and blurred vision
  3. Eyes tear up, swelling. dry, and/or itching when against winds
  4. Have tendency to see things in double vision
  5. Eyes that are sensitive to light and excessive squinting against lighting
  6. Many users around the world with diagnosed eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and myopia reported of better vision and increased eye health after regular application of these eye patches (users that were very mildly myopic were able to recover after periods of regular application)
  7. These eye patches are a safe and more effective alternative to eye drops (many eye drops have been shown to damage the eyes of chronic users)

Golden Vision Eye Patches are aimed to improve eyesight and increase overall eye health through the use of specific acupuncture points around the eyes. The application of natural Chinese medicine which are infused in the eye patches are applied directly to major acupuncture points (Jingmeng point, Chengqi point Quihou point, Chuanzhu point) around your eyes through osmosis;  the result provides a positive and refreshing effect that can be felt immediately after each application - leaving your eyes invigorated and re-energised in as little as 15-20 minutes.

Size: 10 pairs per box

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