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Why eating Share Plum (Suibianguo) is good for the skin?

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Share Plum (Suibianguo) is a pure natural detox food. 


It is a green plum after four months of fermentation, it can discharge human intestinal toxins, blood toxins, visceral toxins.


It is an alkaline fruit that will make your body healthier and farther away from disease. 


Your skin will look smoother and radiance after detoxification by eating Share Plum.

It will make you look younger, healthier and happier.


Why eating Share Plum (SuiBianguo) is good for your skin?


Because the enzyme in the Share Plum contains superoxide dismutase, which can regulate the dysfunctional flora, excrete toxins from the skin cells, eliminate the skin's lipofuscin precipitation, and restore the skin radiance.

For external use on the skin, it can effectively inhibit or eliminate facial skin mites.


Bioactive enzymes help to break through the pores accumulated by fat, help fresh air to enter, restore the skin's natural ecological membrane, accelerate the shedding of dead skin cells, maintain skin moisture and nutrition, improve skin activity and delay aging. 


Enzymes regulate endocrine, relieve skin irritation, treat acne, create healthy skin, and inhibit wrinkle growth.


So start eating detox food - Share Plum right now. It will make your skin younger, healthier and more energetic.



You will harvest more beautiful skin and a healthier body like our millions of customers around the world.